Reducing the Stress of Moving During The Holidays: Tips for Success

Moving can be stressful on its own. Add in the chaos and compact timeframe of moving during the holidays and you could end up with a recipe for disaster. We’ve got some proven tips on reducing your stress for this important time.

The Decorations

  • Pick your decorations carefully, especially if you have them still stored at your parents or siblings’ houses
  • Box them up so they’re not damaged
  • Recruit family members to help

Preparing your new space

First things first: You don’t want to make moving so stressful that you lose your motivation and put off the project until the last minute. Do your research to find out what needs to be done to prepare your new space, then schedule the time you need to complete it.

Set a deadline. Maybe you need to be out of your old home by Dec. 30, or you just want to be completely moved out of your old apartment by Dec. 22. Give yourself a set deadline, and if you fail to meet it, take a deep breath and try again the next time.

Pick a cleaning schedule. Use this time to clean out your home, so when you move, it is more efficient and much less expensive. Go through your items and determine what you need to keep, and what you can give away, discard, or sell. Then make a plan to do so.

Pack like a pro

Stressful packing happens because you don’t know exactly what you’ll need until you have to use it. That’s why the second thing to do in preparation for moving during the holidays is to prepare a packing list.

Make a list of the items you’ll need to pack up for your holiday travels so that you can avoid buying unnecessary things or breaking things in the move.

Locate the boxes or containers you’ll need. This should be easy, if not already known.

Arrange for delivery of your belongings as soon as you’ve moved. This way you won’t have to face a last minute rush to find boxes.

Packing Tip: It’s best to pack like a pro, then disassemble, repack and start over if necessary.

Get organized

This is probably the most important step in minimizing the stress. Come up with a moving checklist and make sure that everything on that checklist is checked off and done before the move. Make sure that you have a walk-through of the new house and that it has been cleaned before the move. Most importantly, make sure that you know where everything is.

Get rid of stuff

This is key to starting with a clean slate. Not only is this the best way to feel better after the move, it will also give you a better idea of what you really want to bring when you move in. This will eliminate clutter and make it much easier to get rid of everything once you move in. Don’t worry about packing everything up perfectly, that can be left to movers.

Get the whole family involved

It can be tempting to be a little selfish when it comes to packing and moving, but it’s important to make it as inclusive as possible. Of course, there’s no one way to do things, but it’s important to consider what’s going to help the whole family feel comfortable and prepared. Whether you are building a new home or returning to a rental home, consider including the child(ren) in all aspects of the move, from initial ideas to physical tasks and moving to unpacking. Make the move fun for everyone, and everything will run smoother.

Being a parent can be stressful as well, so even if your kids are old enough to pack themselves, build a few days for them to start to get used to the idea of the move.

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